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  1. Paper Deer Vibes 9:10
  2. Gold Leaf Deer Vibes 5:10


I know, it seems like I must love to let you down. I do it so well. then you say, that I have gone and filled your heart with doubt. “cant you even tell?.. or no?” I know I could say it will be fine. but you hate for me to lie. I might figure that after all this time, someone around here has got to get this right. or no? sometimes I just need your light to tell me where to go. sometimes I just need your eyes to tell me where to go. so let me look into your eyes.
I fight the path that insects walk. the path that drains my blood. bird of disease, if you should nest in me. please leave.
If I said you should go, well don’t you wait on. the coming of the fall, what might contain us. so this is the end of all the truth you’ve given. ill be the trail of all the things we’ve lost. im sorry, but im gone. so this is the weight of something that I can not handle. if you were happy, let it show. I don’t care, because I don’t know. Who would make me up? who is this god? who? is this all?
I think I saw you in the garden, a maze to the path of sea(see) chasing the strands of long bow in your hair to see where it would lead. around the corners we (you) go. and I am left alone.
I find without paper, I am helpless to live lighter, to be free, to dream at all. I find I am lost in a picture that was painted of somebody else’s world. (that she painted on somebody else’s wall) I find that the wiser they live higher, forget power, to be free, we sing a loud. in hope to find hope I am righteous to be selfish. can I help it? could you help it? at least till dawn. (in my sleep, in my dreams) I was placed at the edge of a mountain top, with god watching me. wondering if I was gonna jump. I couldn’t dare to match the stare. I could wait to match the stare.
when the sun came up we we’re coming down. when the wind blew we lost our blanket. when the hills rolled, we were moving. as the hills rolled, we were moving. its not right to think it, to speak it, to feel it, but we do. the light in the sky, the best of kind. is it a sign? are you there at all? if hope is lost, am I just dreaming? how many times will we let this go? how many times will we let this show?
If I told you I care, I do. If I hold you, I’d change, I would. But if you won’t take it then i… if I hold true. I can. and I would. so give me your secret of light. give me your secret of light.
fell away, made my escape. only for the last time- in the back of your mind. fell away, from the i. only for the last time, could it be all right. with their backs turned we ran. beneath the windows, of my van. sometimes I steal you away. sometimes. catch me on the real side with that power mans’ stride girl you are the sun how you glow. find me on the light of end, never come around again, but she looks good so you know. hit me to that sun beam, sucking on my energy fight that good fight for the love, breath it in and breath it out, let em know whats going down.
I cant help it, I am what I am. and I have felt this, I am what I am. when I didn’t need the water I was young I was clean, but now I need the water. in the night light, cant you tell im gonna get it now. crossing those sides cant you tell im gonna get it now. it’s the right spot cant you tell im the figure now, blossom your eyes to the light, cant you feel it now? im gonna get it.
wont you bet me the price of that dressing. cause ive been guessing. ive been teething, youre watching tv, with pressures rising, whats your pricing? ive been guessing. so wont you bet me? taking your time when you take that hit, drinking it down while youre throwing a fit, shaming it all, wasite it all away but its all too quick. you’re selling those kids like fools. for fools. you’ve played it so cool, but wont you bet me? selling that shit like fools. wont you bet me, cause ill bet you. I don’t care if youre a brown nose, stitched arm, spoonfed, smoking that fix, white note, powder that, paper filled trip, take that hit, just don’t lay down, till we’ve found safe ground, cause we’ve got a long way to go. don’t make snow. angel below, we could leave this town, for a better peace of mind.






 Join us for the return of Deer Vibes, April 3rd at @papertigersatx . . .  @_anthonygauna  @mikeyvibe performs on @isorropia_radio KRTU 91.7 FM (tonight) Tuesday Nov 5th at 11pm. Tune in!  Thanks so much to everyone who made it to my last performance at @dorcolspirits with @ifkinglovesa. If you missed it, I’ll be performing tonight at @ventura_satx with a great line up of friends and I’ll accompanied by a couple of great musicians. I’ll also be selling the new MJNF shirts designed by @bexarknuckles 🦊 Come and get em! Set is at 11:30pm.  @_anthonygauna
 As you may know, a tragedy struck our home @ventura_satx last weekend. Tonight a few of us will reunite to perform and protect the sanctity of the place we all grew up in. We will not let evil win. - @mikeyvibe  @mikeyvibe performs solo at the @berrytobean at 7pm for Day of the Dead Bash, 11.2.19.  2013 Tour, leaving our Nashville friends and heading to Cincinnati. Stay Tuned, new music is coming.
 Throw back to when @mikeyvibe opened for Anthony Green at the Korova! This Saturday catch the next solo set at @themagiktheatre opening for our friends @acquiesce_sa performing the music of Natalie Merchant. It’s a special event in which part of the proceeds will go towards RecoveryWerks! in New Braunfels. The organization provides support services to teens and their families affected by substance abuse. . $15 in advance so get your tickets now!  Doors open at 7pm and after party at @ventura_satx with cheap drink specials all night! 🤠🤓 Hope to see y’all there. ❤️  Where do I even begin thanking the people who made this event so awesome?! Thank you to @ifkinglovesa and team for having me out at @dorcolspirits for #bexarsounds. Thank you to the musicians who performed with me. Thank you to the family, friends, and fans that made it out to catch the set. It was amazing and I couldn’t have done it without you. . . . *LISTEN TO THE EPISODE NOW* on iTunes & Spotify. Link in the bio. . . : @_anthonygauna  Tonight is the night! Come catch my performance at @dorcolspirits at 8pm. No cover! I’ll be performing a few songs solo and also having some Vibes / Foxes join me for the part of the set. @ifkinglovesa will be recording the whole night for their next Bexar Sounds episode. Be there tonight! 🦊 . . @mikeyvibe @michaeljandthefoxes @satx_music @do210 @sacurrent #sanantoniomusicscene



To refer to San Antonio, Texas’ Deer Vibes as a band would be selling them gravely short. The sprawling musical collective is better described as a miniature indie rock orchestra. Founded by ambitious songwriter and frontman Mike Carrillo in 2011 when he began San Antonio College for music, Carrillo sought to bring together an array of San Antonio musicians to realize his songs. Although his time studying music was short lived (“I realized I’ll probably never understand music theory”, the music-school dropout explains), it’s apparent that Carrillo is one of those rare musicians for whom formal training was never necessary.

When his former band went on hiatus, Carrilllo realized that he was ready to branch out and begin a project of his own. He soon met Devin De Leon at a local venue where Carrillo was working. When the two discovered a mutual love of the band American Football, Carrillo invited De Leon to join the band and a few months later they performed their first show as Deer Vibes with a 6-piece line-up.

Carrillo undertook the writing process behind Deer Vibes’ Ventura EP, their first release, entirely by himself, taking his songs and composing parts for each of the band’s members. As he explains the project, “I wouldn’t like to be set back if we parted ways with one (of the members), so in writing all of the music it helps to be able to have the parts written out for new members or to rotate members on different instruments as needed.” While key players such as De Leon bring ideas to the table and help to collaborate on songs, Carrillo is the dominant and driving force behind Deer Vibes’ music, which involves a rotating cast of anywhere from 5 to a dozen players in any one song, or at any one show.

Though such a production sounds daunting, Carrillo wouldn’t have it any other way. A fixture of San Antonio’s local music scene, where he runs sounds and manages a venue, he explains that his involvement in the music scene has been the greatest catalyst for Deer Vibes’ success thus far, enabling him to find the most recent members of the band and solidify their current touring line up (which is entirely different from the EP). “Having the music written out eases the trouble of finding solid members to go on tour with us. Sometimes we have people just fill in for a show or on the road, and sometimes they like it enough to stick with us!” the good-natured frontman explains. Since their formation, the band has been spreading their indie rock gospel all over the country, flooring audiences with their mesmerizing live shows and sharing the stage with the likes of Minus the Bear, Owen, Maps & Atlases, This Will Destroy You, The Octopus Project, and El Ten Eleven, among others. Deer Vibes will be releasing it’s debut full length album The Nature Of, on December 12th 2015 at the Empire Theater featuring the Youth Orchestra of San Antonio.



Email: deervibes@gmail.com
Management: Rey Lopez